Testimonials and Interviews


“I first read one of Airial Clark’s articles a couple of years ago, and it really stuck with me. I’d never had anyone breakdown “sex-positive parenting” in our day and age in such an easily graspable way before. It was a revelation: We’re not alone. We can impart our sex-positive attitudes to our offspring—and that will change the world. Airial is the person to bring about that change.” Jenna Leng, California.

“The brilliant Airial Clark – enlightenment, community, support. All parents either have, will or should be talking to their children about sex/sexuality/gender. Attend The Sex-Positive Parent’s Workshop Series to gain healthy tools for the conversation.” Barbara H., California

“The Sex-positive Parent is a fresh look at the diverse family…it sheds light (or rather enlightenment) on subjects for the not-as-conventional family while providing a forum for questions and topics.” -Kelly M. from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA

“I am excited to be apart of the community. Thanks for creating the forum.” – Kimberly B. from Washington D.C., USA

All over the world, people are interested in being a more sex-positive parent, check out these links to find me in the media!

Listen to my interview on Sexploration with Monika : Sex-positive Parent, Race, History of Burlesque, & is that an Insult or Offer? (Sexy Circus Photo Shoot) (Contains explicit language)

I am interviewed by Kate McCombs for, The Sex-Positive Parent: An Interview with Founder Airial Clark


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