New Site/New Born

30 Jul

Well, it’s time to put my big-girl website on. I’ve transitioned to where I can take the next step in my career.

I’ve been describing the late nights of web design and guidebook editing like I’m caring for an infant. And then I remembered how I often described being in grad school like I was pregnant all over again, and how completing the thesis felt like childbirth… Well, now I’ve identified the baby in this extended metaphor. The Sex-Positive Parent is my lil baby. (Being accepted into grad school was a lot like getting knocked up now that I think about it.) I haven’t slept so little since my kids were babies. Launching a career and website is a lot like having a newborn. But without the new baby smell, or hushed little sighs, and that feeling of deep down love at the bottom of the exhaustion. This is all the anxiety and not knowing and impaired cognitive functioning due to lack of REM sleep. But I’m learning to love the little ball of hope and promise. I hope you’ll join me.

If you’re a subscriber to this blog via WordPress, please take a moment to like the new website. If you have subscribed via email, your subscription transfers over, but you have the option to no longer follow in a confirmation email that you should be receiving soon.

Thank you so much for reading my posts, commenting and being apart of this intense journey with me. Having you to write to has meant a whole lot to me.

Be well,


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Posted by on July 30, 2012 in Intuitives


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